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Super Junior’s vocalist, Kyuhyun, is set to captivate Malaysian audiences with his solo concert on April 13th, 2024 at Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur. Mark your calendars as ticket sales for Kyuhyun’s concert will open on March 1st, 2024. With prices starting at an affordable RM268, fans can secure their spot for an unforgettable night of music and excitement.

Kyuhyun, member of the famous K-pop group Super Junior and a talented singer that good at sentimental ballad, signed with Antenna last year and launched a new EP with the theme of “RESTART” in January this year. With his new EP, he wishes to showcase a fresh and different style of music, with powerful and unique musical elements to exhibit his comprehensiveness as a singer. Recently, he announced the “RESTART” Asia Tour, where one of the many stops being Malaysia, a country he has fostered a deep connection with! With this being his first time performing in Malaysia as an individual, we believe he will bring forth an invigorating performance to Malaysian fans!

As a member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun remains as one of the 3 lead singers within the group. His sentimental ballad songs have gained much attention and he also starred in several major musicals, which solidifies him as a powerful singer. Last year, he announced that he had joined Antenna, a famous Korean entertainment agency, and immediately announced his new EP “RESTART” which greatly surprised fans. As the name suggests, his new EP represents a new beginning, where there are major elements of the pop rock genre. Since his debut in 2006, he has never tried a genre like this before, which can freshly and impactfully unleash his hidden talents. On the first day of its release, the EP topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 14 countries and regions across the world, which can constitute a successful release.

Jointly organized by Antenna and WebTVAsia, co-organized by TopGallant Show (TGS), 2024 KyuHyun Asia Tour “RESTART” in Kuala Lumpur

VIP RM 698 | CAT1 RM 588 | CAT2 RM 368 | CAT3 RM 268 (excluding ticketing fees)

Ticket sales will officially be launched at my.bookmyshow.com at 11.00am on March 1st, so KYUpiters and ELFS should not miss out on this opportunity to snag tickets to attend Kyuhyun’s first solo concert!

Super Junior’s vocalist, Kyuhyun, is set to captivate Malaysian audiences with his solo concert on April 13th, 2024 at Megastar Arena, Kuala Lumpur

韩流天团Super Junior成员、同时以抒情贵公子为人熟知的实力唱将圭贤,去年加入新公司Antenna随即推出以《RESTART》为主题的新EP,展现有别于过往的的曲风,清新而有力的全新音乐元素,展现了他作为歌手的全面性,近期他宣布展开《RESTART》亚洲巡回演唱会,其中一站就选择了与他渊源颇深的马来西亚!这也是他首次以个人身份来马举办演唱会,相信到时候会给大家带来不一样的演出舞台!

曺圭贤作为韩流天团Super Junior成员,是团内三个主唱之一,推出的抒情歌曲大受欢迎,甚至是担任各大音乐剧主演,其现场演唱实力可谓是不容置疑。去年宣布加入韩国著名经纪公司Antenna,随即就推出让歌迷们眼前一亮的新EP《RESTART》,EP名称顾名思义就是全新出发,除了大家熟知的抒情曲风,圭贤还挑战了流行摇滚曲风,这是他从2006年出道至今从未尝试过的曲风,清新而有力地展现自己不为人知的魅力,而该EP发行首日就在全球14个国家和地区拿下iTunes Top专辑排行榜冠军,可谓相当成功。

而稍早前他亦宣布将展开《RESTART》亚洲巡回演唱会,而与他渊源颇深的马来西亚也成为了其中一站,他在出道初期就曾随前辈东方神起来马开唱时担任演唱会嘉宾,并且来马拍摄过Super Junior《Dancing Out》MV,而这次首次以个人身份来马举办演唱会,绝对少不了吉隆坡这一站

由Antenna & WebTVAsia联合主办,TOPGALLANT SHOW超凡娱乐协办,圭贤将于4月13日下午5时,于Mega Star Arena举办2024 KyuHyun Asia Tour《RESTART》in Kuala Lumpur

票价分为VIP(RM698)、 CAT 1(RM588)、CAT 2 (RM368)以及CAT 3(RM268),票价未包含RM4手续费

马来西亚站将于3月1日早上11时正于 my.bookmyshow.com正式开票,各位KYUpiter和ELF一定不能错过直接欣赏到圭贤优美歌声的机会!

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