Quick Tips

Begin by visiting our event page on our website. Here, you’ll find all the information you need about the concert, including the date, time, venue, and artist details. To purchase tickets online, click the “Buy Online” button on the event page. This will redirect you to our official Booking System.Our online ticket purchase system accepts both debit and credit cards. If you’re using a debit card, please ensure that it’s authorized for online transactions and has a sufficient spending limit.

We strongly recommend that you purchase tickets exclusively from authorized ticket retailers. Buying tickets through unofficial channels can be risky and may violate venue or promoter terms and conditions.Tickets that are unlawfully resold or attempted to be resold often break the terms and conditions stated by the venue or promoter. This can result in your tickets being void, leaving you without access to the concert.

At TopGallant Show , we understand that circumstances can change. If, for any reason, an event is canceled or rescheduled, we will make every effort to notify ticket holders promptly.Our refund policy may differ depending on the nature of the event and the timeframe in which a request is made.

Please note that the policies outlined here are subject to change and may vary by event. We encourage you to review the specific event’s terms and conditions, which will be clearly stated during the ticket purchasing process.

You may be able to get away with last minute ticket shopping for some shows, but for the most part, it’s best to buy ahead as to minimize your panic on the day of the show.

Most of our shows allow selection of ticket types and section only but not individual seat. The ticketing system will automatically select the “Next Bet Available Seat” upon time of purchase. The system will generally pick the joining seats for you.

However, the system may generate split seats when there are not enough adjacent/joining seats available to accommodate the requested number of tickets. This can occur if there are limited seats remaining or if the desired number of tickets exceeds the available adjacent seats in a particular section. In such cases, the system will allocate the available seats in the closest proximity to each other, resulting in split seats. Therefore,please carefully check on the seat number before you check out your cart.

You are advised to observe our announcements on our website or you may subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive the latest event updates.

We aim to provide a diverse range of concert experiences to suit various audiences, including families with children. To ensure a positive experience for all, we encourage attendees to review event details and any age restrictions before purchasing tickets.

In general, infants aged 2 or below are not allowed into the concert venue. Child must be of 95cm height and below to be eligible for child ticket (without a seat), while child at height above 95cm must purchase tickets according to price scale. For safety reasons, the organiser reserves the right to limit the total number of child tickets issued. This term may vary depending on the concert venue.

We want to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all concert-goers. Here are some general guidelines on what you can typically bring into the concert venue:

Allowed Items:
1. Tickets: Ensure you have your valid event tickets for entry.
2. Personal Items: Small bags, purses, or backpacks, subject to search by security.
3. Cell Phones: Capture your favourite moments, but please be respectful of others.
4. Sunscreen: Especially for outdoor events, sun protection is recommended.
5. Cash and Cards: For concessions, merchandise, or any on-site purchases.
6. Prescription Medications: Bring necessary medications with proper identification.

Prohibited Items:

1. Weapons: Firearms, knives, or any dangerous objects are strictly prohibited.
2. Illegal Substances: Possession or use of illegal drugs is not allowed.
3. Outside Food and Beverages: With exceptions for specific medical needs.
4. Large Bags or Backpacks: Larger bags may not be permitted inside the venue.
6. Laser Pointers: They can be disruptive and are not permitted.
7. Selfie Sticks and Tripods: For the safety of performers and attendees.
8. Audio/Video Recording Equipment: Professional recording equipment is generally not allowed.

Please note that specific events may have additional rules and restrictions. It’s advisable to check the event page or contact the venue for event-specific guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a positive and secure concert experience for everyone.

Check the event details for the scheduled start time of the concert. The gate usually opens 1 to 2 hours prior to show time . Arriving before the performance begins ensures you don’t miss any of the action. Keep in mind that there may be security checks at the entrance. Arriving early allows time for these checks and ensures a smooth entry.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and specific event details may vary. Be sure to check the event page on our website for precise information about door opening times and any special instructions.