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中国新⽣代歌⼿井胧宣布将在⻢来西亚举办个⼈演唱会。这位曾以 “没懂得珍惜,那么轻易 《丢了你》” ⼀曲⻛靡全⽹,登顶多个⾳乐排⾏榜的⾳乐新秀将于6⽉1⽇,晚上7点半在吉隆坡 Mega Star Arena 隆重登场。



由 TOPGALLANT SHOW 超帆娱乐 主办,C7VEN 和 ACO MEDIA 有种传媒 协办的,”井胧2024⻢来西亚演唱会 ” 将是⾳乐迷们的⼀个重要时刻。当晚将呈现⼀系列精彩演出,让观众沉浸其中。⻔票分为多个类别,可供选择。此外,VIP票持有者将有机会与井胧合影集体照。

VIP RM 688 | PS1 RM 488 | PS2 RM 388 | PS3 RM 288 (未包含⼿续费)


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Jing Long’s Highly Anticipated Concert to Sweep Malaysia in 2024

In an eagerly awaited musical event,acclaimed Chinese singer Jing Long is set to dazzle fans in Malaysia with a live concert. The concert will take place on June
1, 2024, at the renowned Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur. Ticket sales are slated to begin at 11:00 AM on April 15, 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Jing Long, known for his viral hits such as “Treating Loneliness as Dinner” and “Lost You,” which amassed over a billion views, has been a beacon of solace and inspiration to many. His participation in major TV shows and his remarkable ability to deliver high notes with a unique vocal style have earned him acclaim from both industry professionals and fans globally. Jing Long’s artistic journey is marked by continuous evolution, with notable works including “Brave” and “Don’t Delete,” alongside OSTs for popular TV dramas that showcase his versatile talent.

In a special highlight of the concert, Jing Long will be joined by his twin sister and perfect musical partner, Jing Di, as a special guest. Together, they will perform a selection of their hit songs, creating a mesmerizing musical feast. Jing Di, herself a celebrated artist, has captured hearts with her distinct voice and vibrant personality, further enriching the concert’s lineup.

Brought to you by TOPGALLANT SHOW, in partnership with C7VEN and ACO MEDIA, the “JING LONG LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2024″ concert is set to be a milestone gathering for music lovers. This night promises an array of stellar performances that attendees will remember for years to come. Tickets come in a selection of categories, offering something for everyone. Moreover, VIP ticket holders will have the unique chance to share a moment with Jing Long through an exclusive group photo opportunity.

VIP RM 688 | PS1 RM 488 | PS2 RM 388 | PS3 RM 288 (excluding booking fees)

Ticket Sales start on April 15, 2024, at 11:00am, available at TICKETINGTIX.COM

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness Jing Long and Jing Di’s live performances in Malaysia, an event that promises to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

For more concert information, visit and follow TopGallant Show’s official website and social media.

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