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哈林 庾澄庆 《我的哈林年代》1124 & 1125 连开 2 场
演唱会门票将于 1010 早上 10 点 全面公开售票

那些年,你抄写的歌词本还留著吗? 还记得那时候一边抄着歌词一边哼着歌曲的画面吗?满满回忆的歌词本,是我们⻘春岁月的印记,也是乐坛留下的时光印记。而每个人的手抄歌词本里一定会有一首庾式情歌!我们终于等到你了!暌违 9 年,终于可以现场听到那一把属于哈林独有的呐喊庾式唱腔!哈林庾澄庆终于重返马来⻄亚举办他的个人巡迴演唱会!

由 ACO MEDIA 有种传媒主办,METALIVE WORLD 和 TOPGALLANT SHOW 协办,音乐顽童哈林庾澄庆《我的哈林年代》演唱会 ‒ 大马站将于 2023 年 11 月 24 日(星期五)晚上 9 点正 和 2023 年 11 月 25 日(星期六)晚上 8 点 30 分,在云顶云星剧场隆重引爆!

哈林庾澄庆的音乐风格多变、精通多种乐器,在舞台上他更是一个 “不老的顽童”,始终活力满满!有著 “音乐顽童“ 称号的他更创造了一个时代的音乐潮流。代表作《让我一次爱个够》红遍大江南北,是衆多摇滚爱好者的啓蒙歌曲;一首《情非得已》更是成爲脍炙人口的经典流行歌曲,也是大家在 KTV 的必点歌曲!

哈林 庾澄庆《我的哈林年代》演唱会 – 马来西亚站门票将于 2023 年 10 月 10 日早上 10 点正, 于 VLIVE.MY 正式全面发售!打开手机、调好日期和闹钟,早上 10 点,准备好抢票去咯!

欲知演唱会和座位图的更多信息,请关注ACO MEDIA的官方Facebook页面或Instagram以获取最新消息。

Harlem’s Years Concert in Malaysia: Two Back-to-Back Shows on November 24th & 25th! Tickets are Available for Public Purchase at 10 a.m. on October 10th!

Do you still remember the lyric book from which you used to copy lyrics? Can you recall those days when you sang songs while jotting down the lyrics? The lyric book, filled with memories, represents our youthful years and stands as a testament to the golden era of the music industry. Within each person’s handwritten lyrics book, there is undoubtedly a Yu-style love song.

The moment has finally arrived! After a hiatus of 9 years, we can once again experience Harlem Yu’s distinctive and passionate live performance!

Organized by ACO MEDIA and co-hosted by METALIVE WORLD and TOPGALLANT SHOW, Harlem’s Years Concert in Malaysia will be held on November 24, 2023 (Friday) at 9 PM and November 25, 2023 (Saturday) at 8:30 PM at the Arena of Stars in Resorts World Genting.

Harlem Yu’s versatile musical style and proficiency in multiple instruments have earned him the title of the “Naughty Kid of Music.” His works have set trends in the music industry. Hits like “Let Me Love You Once,” known far and wide, serve as initiation songs for many rock enthusiasts. The song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” has become a classic pop song and a must-sing in KTV!

Tickets for Harlem’s Years in Malaysia will go on sale at 10 AM on October 10, 2023, on VLIVE.MY. Secure your tickets by setting your date and alarm for 10:10 in the morning!

For more information about the concert and seating chart, please follow ACO MEDIA’s official Facebook page or Instagram to get the latest updates.

**Ticket Pricing excludes handling & processing fees.

“My Harlem Years” Concert

Date: November 24, 2023 & November 25, 2023 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 9pm (Friday); 8:30pm (Saturday)
Location: Resorts World Genting, Arena of Stars

Concert ticket price

VIP RM 998 | PS1 RM 798 | PS2 RM 598 | PS3 RM 398 | PS4 RM 298 (handling fee not included)

For more details about the concert and seat map, please pay attention to ACO MEDIA’s official website or INSTAGRAM to get the latest news.

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